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About Us

Our company specialises in the construction and assembling of Fair Stands, as well as a complete package of supports in the organization of participating and exhibiting of Fair Stands, both nationally and internationally.

We have a lot of experience in the planning , designing and layout as well as constructing and assembling of Fair Stands for some of the most well known companies in Serbia and abroad.

We can offer you the possibility to realise an ideal be spoke Fair Stand adapted to suit your needs all in one place only, which will present your company in the best possible way for upcoming Fairs exhibitions.

A Fair exhibition is an opportunity to project an image of a company to the wider public, which is one of the best opportunities for establishing connections and cooperating with existing as well as potential new clients. It is our responsibility to present your company in the best possible way through a Fair Stand that will present your company in the best possible way.

For participating in Fair exhibitions we can offer you:

  • Planning and designing layout of a Fair Stand including 3 D visualisation
  • Fair Stand constructed from the best and most modern materials
  • Logistics, assembling and dissembling of a Fair Stand both Nationally and internationally
  • Furniture and renting the same
  • Other marketing services including flyers, hostesses, catering

Depending on the budget, we can offer you construction of Fair Stands with more possible levels of finalisation. There are multiple advantages to the construction of a unique Fair Stand for your company compared to having a uniform Fair Stands:

  • Positive impressions of your companies original and adapted Fair Stand on your existing and potential business partners
  • Possibility of re- using and adapting a Fair Stand for more than one Fair exhibitions
  • The price of construction of Fair Stands is lower compared to the price of renting out a modular Fair Stand for more than one Fair exhibitions
  • Fair Stand with your recognizable and unique brand will make your company stand out from all other similar companies that present themselves through uniform types of Fair Stands

Proof of our success, is the trust afforded to us by important domestic and foreign companies who know we will achieve excellent standards in both the construction and the assembling of high quality Fair Stands. This allows them to participate in both domestic and international Fair exhibitions.